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Perhaps you would like to publish your own website about the development of the Olympics facility in London, or just a general London web site? It seems that Olympic related information can only be published after the Olympic Games.

My story and general distaste with how things are being handled in the UK

I was initially enthusiastic about the Olympic Games coming to London. I adore Olympia in Greece, the site of the orginal Olympic Games and am visiting there again in 2011 with one of my granddaughters who wins all her races at school.

I had hoped to take her to the Olympic Games in London in 2012 to inspire her, but after having received what I can only describe as a pack of threatening information from solicitors/intellectual asset people acting on behalf of the Olympic Committee regarding domain names that I registered before the Olympic Committee had even thought about branding. I had hoped to create a photographic album about the Olympics in London in 2012 for my granddaughter and add her Olympia photos but as the pack pointed out I would be taken to court. I was also informed that they would not enter into any correspondence. I sent 3 emails and did not a single reply or acknowledgement to any.

Disregarding our supposed 'freedom of speech' in Britain, this heavy handed approach has left me feeling negative about the whole Olympic event in London. I will not be attending any events or supporting it in any way.

My granddaughter will merely have an impression of the first Olympic Games in Greece that were conducted, one would hope, with a great deal more honour and consideration.








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